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IPCO is a Canadian cooperative owned and controlled by four major agricultural businesses in Canada, including Sollio Agriculture S.E.C., Federated Co-operatives Limited, FS Services Ontario Ltd. and Agrium Inc.

IPCO – Winnipeg Formulation Plant

IPCO is a Canadian co-owned and operated manufacturing facility with a long history of supporting the agricultural sector by providing safe and effective agriculture products. IPCO strives as a premier manufacturer for its owners and commercial customers alike by offering high-level capabilities and many years of accumulated expertise in formulation and packaging.

Excellence in production and manufacturing is made possible with support from several in-house specialties including regulatory affairs and laboratory services.

IPCO prides itself on being an employer of choice with long term employee relationships. A culture of safety and quality is paramount at IPCO, therefore the IPCO plant is ISO 9001 registered and stringently adheres to regulations set out by Health Canada and additional federal, provincial and municipal compliance requirements.

Agrium Inc.
13131 Lake Fraser Drive SE, Calgary, Alberta T2J 7E8
(Loveland Office 3005 Rocky Mountain Avenue, Loveland, Colorado 80538)


Agrium Inc. is a major retail supplier of agricultural products and services in North America, South America and Australia, and a leading global wholesale producer and marketer of all three major agricultural nutrients. Through their Advanced Technologies business unit, they are also the premier supplier of specialty fertilizers in North America.

Agrium Inc.
13131, rue Lake Fraser SE, Calgary (Alberta) T2J 7E8
(Bureau de Loveland : 3005, avenue Rocky Mountain, Loveland, Colorado 80538)


Agrium Inc. est un important fournisseur de produits et services agricoles dans le secteur du détail en Amérique du Nord, en Amérique du Sud et en Australie, et un chef de fil à l’échelle internationale dans la fabrication et la commercialisation de gros des trois principaux éléments nutritifs agricoles. Grâce à sa filial Advanced Technologies, Agrium est également le fournisseur principal d’engrais de spécialité en Amérique du Nord.

Sollio Agriculture S.E.C.
9001 Boul. de l’Acadie, Suite 200, Montreal, Quebec H4N 3H7

Sollio Agriculture S.E.C. is a wholesaling and manufacturing co-operative providing products and central support services to 86 member co-operatives that serve nearly 90,000 co-operative members throughout Quebec, eastern Ontario and New Brunswick.

Sollio Agriculture S.E.C. 
9001, boulevard de l’Acadie, bureau 200, Montréal (Québec) H4N 3H7

Sollio Agriculture S.E.C. est une coopérative de gros et de transformation qui fournit des produits et des services de soutien centralisés à 86 coopératives membres qui servent près de 90 000 membres au Québec, en Ontario et au Nouveau-Brunswick.

Federated Co-operatives Limited
401-22nd Street East, Box 1050, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 3M9
Phone: 1-306-244-3311

Federated Co-operatives Limited is a wholesaling and manufacturing co-operative providing products and support services to approximately 230 retail co-operatives across Western Canada that serve an estimated 1,600,000 co-operative members.

Federated Co-operatives Limited
401, 22e Rue Est, C.P. 1050, Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) S7K 3M9
Tel: 1-306-244-3311

La Federated Co-operatives Limited est une coop de gros et de fabrication de produits. Elle offre des produits et des services de soutien à environ 230 coops de détail dans l’Ouest du Canada, qui servent à leur tour environ 1 600 000 membres.

FS Services Ontario Ltd.
105 Silvercreek Parkway N., Suite 200, Guelph, (Ontario) N1H 8M1
(subsidiary of GROWMARK, Inc., 1701 Towanda Avenue, Box 2500, Bloomington, Illinois 61702-2500)


FS Services Ontario Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GROWMARK, Inc. doing business with IPCO in Ontario. GROWMARK, Inc. is an agricultural supply and grain marketing co-operative with headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois, serving members in the province of Ontario and throughout the midwestern U.S.; and providing farm inputs through the subsidiaries of GROWMARK FS and Seedway in the states on the eastern U.S. seaboard.

FS Services Ontario Ltd.
105 Silvercreek Parkway N., bureau 200, Guelph, (Ontario) N1H 8M1
(filial de GROWMARK, Inc., 1701, av. Towanda, C.P. 2500, Bloomington (Illinois) 61702-2500)


FS Services Ontario Ltd. est une filiale à part entière de GROWMARK, Inc. qui fait affaire aved IPCO en Ontario. GROWMARK, Inc. est une coopérative de fournitures agricols et de marketing du grain ayant son siège social à Bloomington (Illinois). Elle sert des membres situés en Ontario et dans tout le Midwest américain. Elle offre également des intrants agricoles, par l’entremise de ses filiales GROWMARK FS et Seedway, dans les états de la côte Est américain.

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