Formulation and Repackaging Serving the Agriculture Industry

IPCO’s site, centrally located in Canada, is ideally situated to supply the Canadian agricultural market. Flexible and able to respond to changing market demands, IPCO strives to be the premier partner for agricultural manufacturing in Canada.

Product types formulated and packaged, or repackaged, at the Interprovincial Cooperative include:

  • Broadleaf herbicides
  • Graminicides
  • Glyphosate
  • Adjuvants
  • Seed Treatments (re-pack only)

Manufacturing Capabilities

IPCO provides expert support in formulation and repackaging. With over 60 years of production success, our experienced staff is there to assist the customer as they need. Highlights of our capabilities include:

  • Formulation from liquid and dry technical
  • Expertise in water and solvent based products
  • Capable of converting glyphosate acid to finished products
  • Five dedicated herbicide packaging lines
  • Package sizes <1 to 1000+ L
  • Package into bottles, drums and totes, including co-packs
  • Ability to handle ISO containers, tank trucks and rail cars


IPCO is committed to mutually ensure safety, sustainability, quality and efficiency. Continuous improvement and ethical practices are cornerstones of IPCO’s business plan, and as such we are:

  • ISO 9001 Quality certified
  • Compliant with CropLife Canada Manufacturing Code of Practice
  • Registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency
  • AWSA Certified
  • Licensed by Manitoba Sustainable Development

Value Added Capabilities

Custom solutions and onsite laboratory services are available. We provide assistance in many ways, from custom packaging design, to analytical testing. Our analytical services are available to our customers, and our lab is:

  • Fully staffed with dedicated chemists and technicians
  • Industry renowned for high technical competency, quality control and custom analytical services
  • Able to test or recertify products, and includes HPLC, GC and LC-MS instrumentation