Clovitox Plus®

A post-emergent broadleaf herbicide in crops such as: Seedling Clover, Peas, Pastures, Barley, Oats, Wheat, Rye and Field Corn. Clovitox Plus® controls many weeds such as the mustards, ragweed, Lambs’ Quarters and stinkweed, as well as suppression of many hard to kill weeds.

Active Ingredient / Group

  • MCPB/MCPA / Group 4 Herbicide

Key Crops

  • Seedling clover (alsike, red, white, ladino, white dutch)
  • Seedling grasses
  • Seedling alfalfa
  • Pasture
  • Wheat

Key Weeds

  • Volunteer canola
  • Wild mustard
  • Redroot Pigweed
  • Lambs’ Quarters
  • Stinkweed

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