Dichlorprop DX

Dichlorprop DX is a new formulation of the original Dichlorprop D as a higher concentration treating more acres per package. It is a post emergent broadleaf herbicide in spring wheat, fall or winter wheat, durum and barley (not underseeded to legumes). Dichlorprop DX is registered as a tank mix partner with several grass control products in cereals. Dichlorprop DX controls most key annual broadleaf weeds, but also provides top growth control or suppression of several hard to kill perennial weeds such as dandelion and perennial sowthistle.

Active Ingredient / Group

  • Dichlorprop -P / 2,4-D (Both present as 2-Ethylhexyl Ester) / Group 4 Herbicide

Key Crops

  • Spring wheat
  • Barley
  • Winter wheat

Key Weeds

  • Volunteer canola
  • Wild buckwheat
  • Kochia
  • Night flowering catchfly
  • Brush control

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