Matrix® is a concentrated formulation of glyphosate for non-selective weed control in most cropping systems. Matrix® is a water soluble herbicide for the control of broadleaf and grass weeds in pre-seed, chem fallow, pre-harvest and post harvest applications. Matrix® is also registered for weed control in glyphosate tolerant crop varieties with the Roundup Ready®gene, such as canola, soybeans and corn.

Active Ingredient / Group

  • Glyphosate (Present as Dimethylamine Salt) / Group 9 Herbicide

Key Crops

  • RR Canola
  • RR Soybeans
  • RR Corn
  • Pre-seed/pre-harvest/post-harvest
  • Chem-fallow

Key Weeds

  • Annual broadleafs
  • Annual grasses
  • Perennial broadleaf
  • Perennial grasses

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